Thursday, September 1, 2016

So many to choose from--which OS do I want?

I did a lot of research, youtube watching, installing, uninstalling and playing with numerous Linux distros, still not sure which one is a keeper. Not that I do not like them all, work very well on my old notebooks but cannot make up my mind which to keep as my system.

So far I tried the following ones:

Started with Kubuntu, Lubuntu then Xubuntu. 

Kubuntu is a light, minimal setting easy to use and navigate. Feel, speed and personalization real professional looking. Comes with lots of software preinstalled, updates all drivers automatically while installing on the machine. Options to personalize the desktop, menus, navigation bars. Also has software center where you can install any other programs that you might want to add along the various ones that come in the bundle. From accessories to office suite, games, chats, e-mailing and more.

Lubuntu, due to advertised feel like Win 7 and working with really old hardware and devices. It is really capable of doing wonders to the old computers also has an app (program) that comes with the software package which can use Windows programs as well. Note not all programs can be run in the Ubuntu environment, but if you have some that you would like to keep with the new OS, it is worth having. On the other hand, there are very few programs that you would need to convert from Windows due to the variety of available applications (programs) to download through the Software Center. 
If you are a home user on Windows (regardless if XP, 7, 8.1 or 10) you will find everything you need and use with the OS. You get out of box from e-mail programs to office programs, communication programs and much more...

Xubuntu was a really nice, easy, good looking and lots of personalizations. Xubuntu has a whole package of programs installed, and beautiful backgrounds and options. It was one of the favorites ones that I decided to install over my WIN XP and used for a while......until

By now I was curious about all the new distros and watched demos of everything I could find online. Created a few install USB drives and since all distros have the option to use from pen drive without installing, and all FREE I gave them a try.

Next time I will list the other "favorites" and still do not have one that I like more than the other...

Will be back with more.. also just got my new headset, tried to see if the sound is better for screenshot. Voice records clear and volume is good, I will be able to start on the videos very soon.

Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Drive partitioning when using more OS on 1 computer

Back again with some more tips and information for those who are interested in using new OS like the ones I have mentioned in my previous blogs.

I have tried many distros (distributions or "flavors") in the past few weeks due to the WIN 10 free upgrade that required computer to have WIN 7 or WIN 8. Decided that for me would be expensive to upgrade first to the earlier versions then missed the free WIN 10 cut off time. Decided I wanted something new, and give me a good learning experience with different operating systems.
I mentioned the Xubuntu by Ubuntu (Linux) "flavor" that I have installed on one of my netbooks not before I have tried from the USB, and then installed along the old WIN XP OS. 
I dropped Lubuntu and Zorin due to looks, feel. Lubuntu to simplistic and Zorin OS 9 and OS 11 for crashing on me. 
I decided to reinstall Xubuntu over WIN XP, and all work fine now. 
I wanted to keep WIN 10 on this notebook, but also wanted to add Elementary on it.
Went online to research how to achieve a new clean partition over the segmented ones for the Linux installs. Found a few programs and step by step instructions, mostly for WIN environment and complicated. Also these required to backup everything, clean formatting of drive (s) then reinstall both WIN and new OS and restore all the backups......
BUT for those people who do not want to process complicated steps and not computer "geeks" here is an easy way to partition or create new partitions for Linux OS.
I will prepare a little video about customizing and the looks of this new OS in my next blog.

Meanwhile I tried along side XP and Xubuntu the following: Lubuntu; Zorin; Elementary (note all installs I have downloaded for an old computer for 32 bit system 1 GB ram and old drivers that were not working in the newer WIN versions.)

Because of crash, I could not uninstall the old fashion way, and WIN OS does not see partitions added by Linux OS.......

Elementary (Freya) OS I installed on a same older notebook (32bit 1GB ram old drivers) however this notebook had received the upgrade for WIN 10 free (little sluggish with the OS) had previously WIN 7 on it.

So after many back and forth installs, I was about to give up on WIN 10 (and just install this new OS) due to the drive was partitioned so many times, it was hard to tell where to install and was very limited resource on HD. by  

I then proceeded to install the next OS I liked from the list of possibilities called Elementary (Frreya) which is a simple but beautiful system, easy to customize and has out of box all the programs that are needed for a novice user.

Let me know if you have questions or need some instructions on installing.

Thank you

Saturday, August 20, 2016

No go on Zorin OS 9 or OS 11

I will not send any more notifications on the Zorin OS.
Last night I have installed the Zorin OS 11 hoping that this will solve the black screen and other issues that came up in version 9.

I have installed the new version and when to restart the computer to start using it, it hung up on the starting page. Waited for 30 minutes, but nothing happened. Then restarted again.......

I will delete both version off my laptop now and move to another system to try which is the match to a low ram, old laptop and drivers....

To be continued on a new discovery.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Overview of Zorin OS 9

I have written a blog previously regarding my new operating system called Xubuntu by Ubuntu. I have been playing with the system for the past week, and I can say that it is light, easy to use and fast compared to a Windows 10 system.
I was looking for more “flavors” and decided to try the Zorin OS, but I cannot say that I am impressed.

I tried to install this OS due to the easy use and look and feel that can be set as WIN XP; WIN 7; MAC and Linux look, also this system suppose to be able to open Windows programs without a problem.
First, keeps crashing, then cannot choose any other than 2 options Win 2000 and MAC navigation look, which I am not really fond on.
The specs state that the system comes installed out of the box with flash player and choices of Internet programs, and a nice video editor.
Flash player does not install, and will not run on any internet browsers. Video editor not able to open, and the software center each time is opened, closes automatically without allowing me to choose or search for a program to install.
Once finally I got to browse through it and got it to work a little, the upgrade manager came up, and when prompted to upgrade, most of the upgrades came with an error message and at finish, when to restart, I got a black screen……

This is it for now. I will try to install another version, perhaps this is the issue with the system….. but we will see.

Until next time.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

7 Steps to boost your marketing

successIf your marketing is not working for you, and you do not generate clients, try some new strategies and see what fits your business.

You know the saying: “if you keep doing what you always do, you will get what you always get”
Here are 7 easy tips to apply and change your marketing strategy.
  1. Make sure you connect to your niche and the message talks to YOUR client needs.
  2. Use WordPress to easy convert prospect into leads by adding widgets like opt-in, newsletter and other triggers to have  people sign up.
  3. Set up your website to pull in leads 24-7. Make some free offers, videos, how to e-zines or documents that the leads can download immediately without having to wait on your answer.
  4. Optimize your site to get more traffic. Build in better description, add keywords and tags that convey your message. Optimize and submit to search engines to be easy to find.
  5. Gather as many testimonials from happy customers as you can. Post on your web, or blog to increase sales.
  6. Create an irresistible and “juicy” free offers. You can create a “how to” specific to your product or service, create “easy steps” to teach them something, or help them with some problems that you know that might be helpful. This will create a trust and you establish yourself as an expert in your field.
  7. Build an email list of high quality leads. Compile lists by customer needs or wants, then send them regularly e-mails with updates on the topics  you know they will  be interested in. You can add your sales pitch at the end of the newsletter or e-mail, so if they interested in getting more, they can (and will) sign up or buy your product.
Do not give up. No one becomes an overnight success. You have to work hard to earn the trust and status on the market.
Be patient, create and act with your customer’s needs in mind when you deploy your marketing strategy.
Keep connecting and ask questions, so you can then create the best feedback and be of help.
Good luck.

If you need help with defining your niche or your marketing strategy.  Not happy with “XYZ” hosting – to much spam 

Article by +Ramona Szilagyi

Saturday, June 29, 2013

30 Minutes Dynamic coach - Customer Service

It has been a pleasure meeting you all.
Please find the recorded presentation below, in case you missed the live one. Last webinar of the four in the FREE series.

Hope you found the information helpful. Please let me know what topics would you be interested in hearing for the next series coming up soon.

Mark your calendars,  July 6th, 2013 starting  FREE Q&A Cafe  new series of mini-webinars.

As always I am interested to hear your feedback, comments.

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Until next time, best wishes to you.