Thursday, September 1, 2016

So many to choose from--which OS do I want?

I did a lot of research, youtube watching, installing, uninstalling and playing with numerous Linux distros, still not sure which one is a keeper. Not that I do not like them all, work very well on my old notebooks but cannot make up my mind which to keep as my system.

So far I tried the following ones:

Started with Kubuntu, Lubuntu then Xubuntu. 

Kubuntu is a light, minimal setting easy to use and navigate. Feel, speed and personalization real professional looking. Comes with lots of software preinstalled, updates all drivers automatically while installing on the machine. Options to personalize the desktop, menus, navigation bars. Also has software center where you can install any other programs that you might want to add along the various ones that come in the bundle. From accessories to office suite, games, chats, e-mailing and more.

Lubuntu, due to advertised feel like Win 7 and working with really old hardware and devices. It is really capable of doing wonders to the old computers also has an app (program) that comes with the software package which can use Windows programs as well. Note not all programs can be run in the Ubuntu environment, but if you have some that you would like to keep with the new OS, it is worth having. On the other hand, there are very few programs that you would need to convert from Windows due to the variety of available applications (programs) to download through the Software Center. 
If you are a home user on Windows (regardless if XP, 7, 8.1 or 10) you will find everything you need and use with the OS. You get out of box from e-mail programs to office programs, communication programs and much more...

Xubuntu was a really nice, easy, good looking and lots of personalizations. Xubuntu has a whole package of programs installed, and beautiful backgrounds and options. It was one of the favorites ones that I decided to install over my WIN XP and used for a while......until

By now I was curious about all the new distros and watched demos of everything I could find online. Created a few install USB drives and since all distros have the option to use from pen drive without installing, and all FREE I gave them a try.

Next time I will list the other "favorites" and still do not have one that I like more than the other...

Will be back with more.. also just got my new headset, tried to see if the sound is better for screenshot. Voice records clear and volume is good, I will be able to start on the videos very soon.

Stay tuned.